God did it. But did he?

I saw this post and one question came to my mind – Why are we so scared to say WE did it? Why are we so afraid to give ourselves credit for the hard work and effort we have put in something to make it successful?

I think, we are scared of saying “we did it” because we are afraid that God will be angry with us for daring to take the credit. And he may take that thing back from us. But think of it – Why would someone who has given you the powers to do these things be mad at you, for acknowledging that you indeed did it?

2 Na god

So, she says, she came to Canada in 2015 as a student and in 2018 she became a home owner in Canada. How? Not a word on how or what she did to make that possible. She didn’t say if she invested in any kind of business or what jobs she did to make it possible. All she said is it’s GOD.

Someone won an award and she put the picture on social media with the caption “God did it”. I looked at it and thought; No, YOU did it. You didn’t just lay on the bed all the time, doing nothing and woke up to find the award by your bedside. You put in a lot of work to be very good at what you do. You worked hard to make it possible; You lobbied for your votes. You mobilised people on social media to vote for you and then you won. You made it happen. You could say, you did it with God’s help which is fine, but to say he did it, is like saying that you did nothing, and he did everything.  Also, If God did it, does that mean that he loves you more than the other nominees in the category?

That why our country is so messed up. “God will do It”. “God will do it”. “God will bring a change to our country”. We expect God to give us good leaders. We expect him to solve our problems for us. We keep outsourcing our responsibilities to him. Will God fix or Roads, our Hospitals or our Education System? No, we will have to do these things by OURSELVES.

Na god

Even the Bible we carry on our head like bread, says in Psalm 115:16; “The heaven, even the heavens, are the Lord’s; But the EARTH, He has given to the children of men”.

You own the power here on earth.  Whatever you achieve here is by your own making, sometimes with a stroke of luck. We shouldn’t be scared to give ourselves credit for the hard work we have done to make something successful.

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