Don’t kill yourself because a side chick slept with your husband- Pastor Funke Adejumo

Funke Adejumo is advising women what to do, if they find out that their husband is having an affair. She says: “’Why must you kill yourself because one stupid girl slept with your husband? Don’t ever go and fight with the woman. Infact, you should top up your dressing and make sure you walk in a way she (side chick) will see you and let her know you are not bothered and then say, ‘you are eating my remnant, I’m not bothered.’

The brainwashing and conditioning of the Nigerian woman to be a proper MUMU starts from the church. Just listen to the applause coming from the women in the audience.

Notice how she called the side chick who didn’t take any vows stupid, but said nothing about the man cheating? Basically letting the man off the hook. Women are basically being taught not to hold their husbands accountable.

Would she give men the same advice?  Would she tell men to turn a blind eye if their wives are cheating on them?

I’m just here wondering why she didn’t suggest making the marriage an open one.


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