Gender Equality starts from the home

Therein lies the problem. You want equality, but you don’t want it in the home. How does that make sense?

The home/family is the bedrock of the society. It is the first level of social structure. Whatever happens in the home spills into the society. 

How do you expect to raise kids in a home where they do not see no equality; where the dad is superior and Lord and master, and you expect them to go out into the society with the mindset that men and women are equal? Kids watch and learn from their parents and the best way to teach them is by example.

The responsibility for eliminating gender inequality lies with all of us and we must start by addressing the issue in our own homes. Parents should not only teach about gender equality, they need to practice it in the home. Moms and dads must act equally in front of their children.

Until that head and neck dynamic is destroyed in the family unit,  women will always be seen as inferior in the society.

It is so annoying to have religion as the bedrock of our thoughts,conversations, and decisions.




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