Women are the Favour Factor..

I think men and women are different. I believe women are not more special than men. No gender is more special than the other.  We are made to complement each other. So we need to stop telling women all these crap about them being special and how men should be grateful to have them.

I don’t understand why women nod in favour of messages like this.

I don’t believe I was created specifically for the sole purpose to be a personal assistant to a man. So if you think messages like this make you feel special as a woman, think again.

Men need favour and women are the favour factor, so i guess women should just sit, wait and position themselves properly to be found by men.  As if women are products on display in a store, that men can just pick up from the shelves.

He says, a man should present a mission and a woman should be expected to expand the vision. Like women come to this world for the purpose of expanding the vision of a man. We both have missions and visions that may need to be supported by our partners. All this crap about a woman being helpmate for the man is rubbish. We are helpmates to each another.

“The power of a woman is the power of multiplication”. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her. So the man isn’t meant to multiply what the woman gives him abi? Oops my bad, the woman doesn’t give, she just receives and multiplies. He gave his wife a seed, she gave him a son; like the woman’s eggs had nothing to do with it.

Enough of these stereotyped messages. No gender has the favour or multiplying factor. Anybody can get the groceries and anybody can make dinner. Anybody can make a house a home. Women were not created for men. We complement each other.

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