How to get your Husband to support your success.

So i came across this on my timeline. A training session on how to get your husband to support your success.


This really make me mad, because I have never come across a training session teaching men “how to get their wives to support their success.”

I am tired of seeing things like this. I am tired of women being taught to be submissive and docile. To place their happiness, their right to success in the hands of a man all in the name of marriage.

Why would anyone in their right senses need a training session like this? Why do you need to cajole and plead with someone who loves you to support your success? I mean if he is not ready to support your success then he is not even qualified to be your friend. A husband should naturally root for his wife to succeed. If he doesn’t support your success, he is an enemy of progress, a hindrance to your progress and happiness and you need to get rid of him.

What would women be taught in this seminar? Submission. How to place themselves beneath a man.

A couple of weeks ago I was watching a Nigerian Channel and this woman came on national TV and says “I can boldly confirm that I submit to my husband.”  I’m not sure I will ever understand what would make a woman come on National TV and say proudly that she is beneath her husband. Why would a grown adult be so happy and proud to be under the control of another human being?

Some will say submission does not mean that you are beneath the man. Well, Submission is the act of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person, hence you can no longer do what you want to do because you are now under the control of someone else.

Another woman who was pregnant said she would love to have her baby abroad so she had saved up enough money to achieve that, but her husband has said no to it. Not because they need the money for some other urgent or important thing but because he feels that she just wants to have her baby abroad just like other Nigerian women. So as the submissive wife that she is, she will have her baby in Nigeria.

Your own money. You are not asking him for any penny. But you put such important decisions that concerns your health in his hands. The hands of someone who has no experience of what pregnancy and labor feels like. We know how fragile the health care sector is in Nigeria, so why would you deprive somebody you claim to love the benefit of good and quality health care, just because you want to show your authority?

Nigerian Women, please stop putting important decisions that concerns your body in the hands of a man, all in the name of submission. If you die, life goes on for the man and another woman will replace you.

A man who loves you would support you, no matter what. He doesn’t have to understand or like what you want to do. But as long as it makes you happy, if he truly loves you he would support you all the way.

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