Men who depend on Women should have their Testicles removed…

Did she say the right thing?


The advice was, “Don’t be in a position where your partner supports you financially 100%. Always, ALWAYS have your own change”- This message is applicable to anyone, Male or Female.

Why is it okay and acceptable for a woman to sit back and let her husband hustle but if a man does same it is seen as an anomaly? Why?

She says men who do that should have their testicles removed. Wouldn’t it be fair to say that women who do that should have their ovaries removed as well?

It is not the responsibility of a man to take care of a full grown woman. Every adult should hustle to take care of themselves irrespective of gender.

“If you are a man and you are quite happy to sit back and let your wife hustle and pay for everything, then you aren’t really a man.” Then what does that make him? A woman?

So what makes a man a man? And what makes a woman a woman?


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