My Money is My Money.

And the two shall become one, the Priest proclaims.

And from then on “My Money becomes your Money”

The woman relinquishes her Vagina to her husband because they have become one flesh and the whole “my body becomes yours” mantra.

But do we really become one?

I think individuality in marriages should be encouraged. My Money is MY MONEY and your Money is YOUR MONEY.

We are two different individuals working together to achieve our goals; Which may be raising our kids to be good and responsible people, buying a house together or building a business empire.

We will have a joint account where we both pay in monies to take care of the household expenses and any other projects that we want to run together. Expenses can be split in proportion to the salaries earned. As long as we are both working and earning an income, this is a fairly simple way to manage expenses. The money in the joint account is what then becomes OUR Money.

Of course if you are down financially and can’t meet up with your share of the expenses, I will step up and cover.

Sometimes this “my money is your money” business encourages one partner to be lazy and just sit back knowing that the other one will cover the expenses.

Abeg make everybody carry their cross.

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