Should a working woman receive allowance from her husband?

So, I heard a couple of Nigerian women discussing on TV about their husbands giving them a monthly allowance.

“My husband should give me my monthly allowance”, they said. Like kids expecting pocket money from their parents. Mind you, these are working women, earning a salary and still expecting their husbands to give them monthly allowance for feeding and for their personal needs. For what na?  Isn’t it ridiculous that a woman is earning a salary and she still feels the need to collect an allowance for her personal need from her husband? Then why are you working?

I don’t think a woman who earns a salary needs a monthly handout from her husband. The couple need to get a joint account, where each person puts in a share of their salary for the household expenses and then money for household bill is taken from there.

Of course, if she is not working due to an agreement the couple had, then the man should pay her for taking care of the home and the kids.

Marriage is team work. A husband is not a wife’s ATM.



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