Women Should Help Men Control Their Anger – Empress Njamah

So, when actress Empress Njamah was asked to talk about domestic violence she said; “A man hits a woman, it’s called domestic violence; a woman hits a man, what is that called?” Don’t we all know what it’s called?

Our Aunty Empress said it is called Mental Violence because, some women are headstrong and they can traumatize their partner mentally, which can can make the man run mad and he probably does not know when he hits the woman. She went further to say the woman needs to help the man, if the man is naturally a wife/woman beater, the woman can actually help the man out of it.

“Don’t beat up a woman, it’s not advisable but women should help the men control their anger. Most times women push men into doing things. Help the man if he is that kind of person (Violent) and if the woman is that kind of person STOP IT. Men are babies, they want to be treated like babies”.

Duh!! First of all, everybody knows that, if a man or woman hits their partner it is called domestic violence, Olodo. Aunty Empress, wehdone ma. You have sense well, well. I think the glue that they used to fix that your fake lashes and nails has somehow found its way into your brain.

I am not sure how a woman hitting a man equates to Mental Violence. My friend, if you don’t understand something, go and read up on it. Google is free.

“If the man is a natural wife beater, the woman should help the man”, now that is just plain stupid. Is this woman even serious at all? Abeg, is there anything like a natural wife/woman beater? How does someone become a natural woman beater? So, that means we have natural rapists and thieves as well abi? The things people come up with sha, i just don’t understand. She has just shown her ignorance and confusion on the topic of domestic Violence.  She had better stick to acting alone and avoid talking about such sensitive and  contentious issues.

By saying that a woman should control her husband’s anger, she is giving excuses for the man’s actions and blaming the wives for being victims.  Yes, blame the woman, just like we blame women for being raped. Anyway, we have been blaming women since the days of Adam and Eve. Adam ate the apple but put the blame on Eve.

Earlier in the week, i saw a Facebook post written by someone who says she stands against domestic violence saying “women should stop invoking violence in their men”. Honestly, I do not understand how you can stand against something then justify it at the same time. I mean, that’s like saying you are against women being raped but then you say women shouldn’t dress in a certain way so that they don’t get raped. Such statements coming from women is so disappointing and depressing.

There should never be an excuse for violence against any gender. There is always the choice to walk away. You are responsible for whatever action you take and not the other person.

Her Last advice was “If a man is the violent one, the woman should help him, but if a woman is the violent one, she needs to stop it”. Basically, meaning that the man is allowed to express his anger because the woman is there to help him manage it but the woman should shove her feelings down her ass. Very good, Clap for yourself.

Dear Empress, it is not a woman’s job to help a grown man, with a functioning brain to control his temper. It is the man’s job to control his own anger. Why would you even think that?

Oh!! I forgot, you said men are babies.


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