Why do we need to Pepper dem?

I am not understanding this “pepper dem” concept. Abeg, who are you peppering?

Why do our people have that oppressive mentality; the need to look down on others to make ourselves feel better. To need to show that, I better pass you.

Why do you want to be successful so that you can “pepper dem”?  Is that necessary? Why can’t you be successful, just because you want to be and in your success, inspire and help others.

No, we must taunt and “pepper” people, with the small progress we have made in our lives. We sha like to show off.

That is why Davido’s brother put a picture of his dog’s food and bragged “My dogs eat better than some of you”. The need to flaunt his wealth; to show off and earn the respect of those who do not have as much as him. Why is that necessary?

I can’t understand these things, I can only put it down to poverty mentality.

One thought on “Why do we need to Pepper dem?

  1. Poverty mentality for real. And these are the same women that will use #womensupportingwomen, So, who is bearing the brunt of your #pepperdemgang? Ghosts or aliens? Abi it is men you are “peppering?” I completely agree, poverty mentality is the underlying reason for the #pepperdemgang. People who are comfortable in their skin and achievements are not busy “peppering” others but inspiring others. The sky is big enough for all birds to fly, so is the world. Small minded people are the ones buying into this hashtag.


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