Ebonyi State University Student Beating his Girlfriend as People Stand Around Looking & Recording

So I saw the video of a man beating a woman who apparently is his girlfriend. Boyfriend oh! At least they are not yet married, so she has the chance to flee now.

The man dished out blows to her back while she was on the floor crying and apologising. My dear, this is not love.

What puzzled me was that people were standing, watching, making comments and recording while all this was going on. That pissed the hell outta me.

 It’s so sad that people can just stand around and watch while a case of domestic violence is happening right in front of them.

Some comments I’d seen were asking “what did the girl do”? Really? That question shouldn’t even come up because It doesn’t matter what she did, no man should physically abuse a woman and vice versa. The girl is not to blame for the man’s abusive behaviour, people really need to get that because I see that question come up a lot when a man is abusing his wife/partner.

I could hear the lady in the video calling out someone’s name and the person responded “no call me oh! How many times I don tell you to leave this man? So madam, because you have told her to leave him a thousand times, you would sit and watch while the man beats and sends her to her early grave abi?

You would think it would be easy for her to just walk away right? You  really cannot understand why she can’t just walk out the door and never look back. The truth is, it’s not as easy to walk away as many people think, because leaving takes a great deal of strength and courage. These people need all the help and support they can get.

These abusers gain and maintain total control over their victims. They use fear, guilt, shame, and intimidation to control their victims.

It can take time for a woman to know that she is being abused. Don’t criticise her for staying, she has to make the decision of leaving in her own time, support her by building herself confidence.

If you  know someone is suffering domestic abuse, please reach out.  There are organizations, even in Nigeria that you can contact that are able to offer specialist support and advice.  All women have the right to live without fear of violence and abuse. Abusive behaviour should never be acceptable. Never…

Please Spot the signs early – Don’t go into an abusive relationship……

Photo Credit: newhopeforwomen.org

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