My Rant – A day at Nigeria House, London

This woman puts her buggy in the doorway and someone says to her:

Madam that’s a fire hazard, u shouldn’t put your buggy in the doorway blocking access. Please move it away so people can go through.

Woman: if u want to pass, abeg squeeze through, i can’t put my baby by the side.

I was like, gosh!!! Some people are really stupid and daft sha. How do you put your buggy in the doorway?

Staff: Oga you have to come back tomorrow

Man: I can’t come back tomorrow, i have been coming here since Tuesday. I finished work at 7am and came here straight away. I have been here since 9am, I am traveling on saturday. I have to get that document today.

Staff: Oga if u like come back, if u like don’t come back, it’s ur choice.

Man: you people are very rude here, Bastards, motherf*ckers, idiots. I will bring this place down.

Random person: Oga, that shouting competition does not work here oh! We have all done that, e no dey work.

Madam please don’t jump the queue, u can see us all here, we too want to go in.

Meanwhile this person that is telling another, not to jump the queue, jumped the queue as well.
Kai Nigerians sha!!!

People who’s passport were due for collection, but they were unable to collect because their passports were not yet ready, (because of some no booklet story). They had already booked flights to Nigeria and needed to travel. They had to apply for emergency travel document.

Staff: madam pls can I have ur collection slip and £1 for the form.

Woman: so we still have to pay for the forms, when it’s your fault we couldn’t get our passport? It’s ridiculous and unacceptable. Why should we pay for your mistakes.

Random guy: madam u still dey blow grammar, e be like say u don forget where u dey sha. U don’t know where u are abi?

Staff: madam if u don’t want to pay, u can go and print the form outside oh. Its not by force to print here.
The moment you walk into the Nigeria High Commission London, forget it, you are in Naija, the land of lawlessness. A country where anything and everything goes

They tell you switch off your mobile phones. Infact someone  at the door ensures that you switch off ur phones before you go in.

By the time i collected my ticket number, almost everyone had turned on their phones. It’s as if they turned on their phones as soon as they left the guy who tells u to switch it off. We are just a lawless bunch.

The lackadaisical and rude attitude of the staff, their lack of empathy, I cannot even comprehend. You would think that they would have picked up some politeness and good customer service skills with the office being in London. But for where?

You call their number from now till tomorrow, you would be lucky to get an answer. The phone just rings and rings. You want to get information from them, you have to go down there. Isn’t that just ridiculous?. Ask me why they have a contact number on their website.

They are so disorganized, it takes you hours to do something that can be done in minutes.

Gosh!!! That country just pisses the hell outta me.😡😡😡

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