And we think this is normal?


The Singles’ events organised in the church I attended in my 20s…

The hours wasted prepping ladies on how to position themselves to be found by the right man.

HOURS, every other week!

Plebeian pursuits. The ordinariness of it all. Vapid. Sterile. Unoriginal.

You sit and wait to be found… like fucking frozen chicken at Shoprite.

And you waste years learning something as stupid as “being found”.

Who did this to us?

We don’t have events to prep women for leadership position. When they manage to gather them together, they teach them how to be leaders without rattling the status quo… without disrupting social order.

They tell women that female leadership is in her quietness and meekness and – the favourite one..

Stooping to conquer.

And we sit there and we hear this shit. Nodding heads like she-goats.

Everything about a woman’s strength scares both men and other women.

Women with first class in Chemistry, lay all the knowledge on a kitchen board.

Their knowledge used to change diapers and wipe off pee on sliding doors. Domesticated Chemistry.

The world gains nothing from their education or wisdom.

And we think this is normal?

Written by
**Joy Isi Bewaji**

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