I am a Christian Feminist, or Maybe Not?

Aight thats it I’ve had enough of the can a Christian be a feminist posts! No you bloody can’t alright? Stop trying to fit round pegs in square holes already! If it wasn’t for christianity, islam and judaism we wouldn’t even need to have feminism in the first place! Its not China that wont let women drive its Saudi Arabia, its not Japan that sanctions honor killings its Pakistan and it wasn’t pre colonial Africa that burnt witches at the stake that was puritanical America. Without your religion todays patriarchy would not even exist so shut the fuck up already about feminist Christians!

If you want to worship a god who said u r not equal to men, who sanctioned your rape, enslavement and blamed you for the fall of man without seeing that for what it is – just a bunch of bronze aged nomads talking out of their ass 2000 years ago then go right ahead. Believe in your own intrinsic worthlessness as a woman if you want – no skin off my nose but don’t you dare call urself a feminist!

The most annoying part is that not one of these people are even arguing about this for anything valuable! No one is saying as a Christian feminist I want to help rape victims, or improve maternal care, or access to education for girls! Nah not even close! They want to be Christian feminists so they can “submit” to their husbands without feeling like a sell out!

But you are a sell out! You think treating your husband like the head of the household will teach your sons to see women as their equal? Do you really? You educated feminist Christian please really give that shit some thought! Tell me how treating your husband like an over grown baby is going to help our sons become 21st century husbands? Or u think the rape and violence against our women just sprang out of thin air? That there is absolutely no connection between that and how we treat boys/men as superior? Get the fuck outta here with that shit. You can love your husband anyway you want but the only type of submission acceptable for a feminist is the type that goes on in the bedroom!

Argue wit yasef!

Written by:
Bunmi Tella

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