Be ready to fight battles in a war room!!!

I know why fireproof didn’t get all the hype that War room is getting. That’s because the Nigerian society believes it is the sole responsibility of a woman to keep her home. The whole burden to make a marriage work is put on the shoulder of one the woman by families, society and religion.

After all they say a wise woman builds her home but a foolish one tears it down with her own hands.

So these women endure and endure regardless of what the men throw at them, because society believes that a woman’s achievement depends on her marital status and her ablity to keep a man.

Every time War room this, War room dat. Hmmm! I see, so only wives should be fighting battles in the war room while the husbands are busy enjoying themselves in the entertainment room abi?

They will not advice men to go and watch Fireproof because in our country men do not fight for their homes, only women do…


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